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    Become a UWK Ambassador

    Become a uwk Ambassador


    Who is a UWK brand ambassador?

    Brand ambassadors serve as envoys from Underwater Kinetics to people who don't know about us yet or want to see our products used by others in different life situations. Not only do these people already love our products, but their passion also comes through their promotion. 

    Brand ambassadors help promote our products by sharing photos, videos and stories of their experiences on social media.

    Simply put, we want you to go into the world, have some awesome adventures with your UWK gear and share those experiences and photos with the world.


    Why become a UWK brand ambassador?

    Being a brand ambassador comes with many perks. As a UWK brand ambassador, you will:

    • get free samples of UWK products that fit best your scope of interests, hobbies or work activity
    • receive special discount codes, gift cards, freebies for your friends and followers to help you promote the brand
    • get early access to new products and be able to test them before they roll out at the market
    • get branded accessories and gear that convey the brand image and will help you feel the brand identity
    • be featured on our website and social media platforms, which will give you additional exposure and status
    • be sponsored by UWK during competitions and tours (on agreement)
    • be able to participate in photoshoots, if you are located in Poway, California 

    We are open to your ideas and requests. If they fit our promotion strategy and the marketing budget, we will consider sponsorship and provide the support you need.


    How do I become a brand ambassador?

    Before we consider your candidature, you need to tell us who you are, what you do in your life and how well we fit to each other.

    There are some non-negotiable rules we stick to: brand ambassadors must be over 18 years old, reside in the United States and have a minimum of 2k followers on the media platform where they promote. Also, there are some other aspects we want to know, so first we ask all candidates to fill in the application form.

    Once you are approved, we will review it and you will receive a response to your application within 7 business days of submission.


    What are you supposed to do as a UWK ambassador?

    First off, congrats! :)

    Once you get to promoting us, we request you to post from one to three times a week on the media platform of your choice (Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, else) to promote the UWK brand. Your content doesn't have to say how awesome we are in every post. Rather we ask you to make content where you use our products on a daily basis. We also want you to tag our profile and use our hashtags whenever our product appear on our profile.

    How to promote us? You can tell the followers about your experiences, adventures and what motivates you as a UWK ambassador. Where did you go and what did you do? What product did you take with you and why? What was your experience? How did our products help you achieve your goals and/or enjoy your hobby?

    The content on Instagram can be in the form of a story, regular post or IGTV. We will collect, store and reuse all photo/video content you create and share with us on any other social media platform, website or selling platform. For any of your content that we share, your account will be attributed, if possible and applicable. 

    If you are approved to become a UWK ambassador, we'll discuss all details of our cooperation and agree on the terms and conditions.